Angepinnt Willkommensgrüße an unsere Neumitglieder

    • Achim schrieb:

      Hi hope, welcome to our little but nice forum. Choosing our team was the perfect decision: thumbsup: Where do you live in Sweden? Stockholm area? Any possibility watching our games on tv? Anyway feel free to write in english - we are a small town but international: D
      Been offline for "a bit", so late reply :). Stockholm no, I live in Skövde, about 150km from Gothenburg (where IFK Gothenburg plays, which has recently modernized their playstyle ... feel a bit more german, from 4-4-2 to 3-4-3 / 3-5-2, wonderful fan culture).

      first couple of matches this season was unavailable until gave us a chance to see all the games, with commentators and in HD. :)

      Will try to visit Hoffenheim / Senheim in the future :) And hey, German girls are not bad Either ^^

      Nice to see that Frölunda is appriciated here as well :) But we don't know anything about this season play-off. No.

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